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The positivity myth: a belated response to 60 minutes and the Curtis Landers story.

60 minutes report: http://video.au.msn.com/watch/video/curtis-landers/xwf16yz?from

I hate watching television reports on spinal cord injury, which normally to follow a predictable two-part pattern. Part one provides pictures of neck braces, helicopters, ventilation machines, and shocked families, all of which is a visceral reminder of the horror of my own injury, bringing back memories I’d rather forget. 1,058 more words


Disabled, but not broken

When both my legs were amputated, they were closed at the upper-thigh, leaving stumps of 8-10cm each. This means that they are too short for me to walk with prostheses and I have been resigned to face life in a wheelchair. 225 more words


Another day...

Whew! AC is back on. Too hot and humid for The Curmudgeon. Looking at the next several days of forecasts it seems we’ll be keeping it on for a while too. 46 more words


I've totally stole from another blog.

But I have never read what is so in my heart especially with Kate and Jack…. Danny gets all the attention but the other two have my soul…. 696 more words


What's With The Name?

Some of you might be wondering why I would name a blog about a child with a chromosome disorder “Lil’ Cuss”, or maybe you’re not. In any case, I’d like to explain the meaning behind the title. 113 more words

Birth Defect

Wheelchair Access on Commercial Airlines

Power wheelchairs often cost $20,000-$50,000. And yet to fly commercial, currently all wheelchair users must transfer into a regular seat and have their wheelchair stored with the checked luggage. 145 more words

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Organization Guide

The best piece of advice I’ve received from my ADD doctor is to buy a whiteboard with a calendar. This way you can write when any important assignments and projects are due in your classes. 195 more words