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Where are you on Gartner's Digital Business Development Path?

Garner has published a Digital Business Development Path that examines different business models from before the web to today’s digital platforms to help businesses see where they are currently and help make a case to increase their digital business. 29 more words


The Pirate that isn't a pirate (yet) - Fubar

Taylor Herring

The Guardian take a close look at Fubar, the subscription smartphone app radio station. It is uncensored.

Fubar Radio was launched in March this year.

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Project: Optimising Tone and Colour

This is an important project, as the way in which you process your images has considerable impact on their quality, and ALWAYS needs attention. The word ‘Optimising’ is used to describe basic adjustments (Usually quite small), tone and colour, that are considered standard by most people. 232 more words


Just down the street.

I’m constantly amazed at how my neighborhood is filled with a never ending supply of photographic potential. It reminds me that I┬ádon’t necessarily need to cross borders to find inspiration. 267 more words


Exercise: RAW

The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the processing advantages of RAW, but at the same time, to put these advantages in perspective. Higher image quality from raw is often over-praised. 149 more words


Bookless Libraries

I’m posting this article, mostly in its entirety because it’s so awesome!

There are no dusty bookshelves or piles of textbooks in the library of Florida’s newest university. 227 more words