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Google Chromecast

The price is right – $35. I’ll buy one for that. It can’t be long before an instructor comes into our FRC with one and says,  “What can I do with this little thing?”

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Educational Technologies

Challenge Accepted - Instagram and Beyond

Day 2 of the @TeachTech blogging challenge is about the tool, but more than that, what can you do now that you couldn’t do before. 333 more words

Learn Use Grow

Arcade Revival - The ultimate game.

I have recently been experimenting with the creation of an online game (here). This was done through the use of the website Sploder, which was easy to use and fun. 66 more words

Digital Tools


We can also learn to be better teachers by engaging with technology, and the array of resources at our digital fingertips (Puntastic).

Digital Tools

An Array of Digital Resources

A link to my Pin Board of types of Digital Technologies can be found here. Hope you guys enjoy seeing the types of technologies that I personally have in my digital world.

Digital Tools

Mondrian Software

This software is similar to a simplified version of Illustrator has a super-easy user interface:


Re-posting from Margot Rochon, Media Technology Specialist at Austin Community College

Educational Technologies