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6 Tips Creating a Valuable Online Survey

Because of the wide availability of opportunities to create surveys using free online survey software, you can quickly and easily gauge customer satisfaction or interest in new product offerings via customer surveys. 684 more words

Morgan Melnyk

Real-Time Marketing: How to Leverage a Sudden Surge in Impressions

One of the hottest trends in digital right now is real-time marketing.   The goal of real-time marketing is to leverage an abberationally high level of impressions in order to yield sales. 571 more words

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Web Accessibility : Why so necessary?

It’s a sad fact that a lot of information on the Web is not directly accessible by people with disabilities.

Why? Because most Web site managers and developers are ignorant of the needs of those people with disabilities who cannot use the Web in the standard way. 259 more words

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The mobile web usage - Will it surpass the desktop use ?

“Mobile-first” is an often-empty term — like “viral,” “native” and “social” — that’s thrown around without much thought into what it really means. Mobile is a foundation, not a feature. 309 more words

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How Do You Find New Clothes to Wear?

It wasn’t long ago that the only way of discovering new clothes to wear was to look at what people were wearing on the street, physically go into a brick and mortar store and browse at the clothes, or to physically read the store’s catalogue. 236 more words

The Best Slice of Marketing

Marketing is the most effective way to introduce your products or services or your business. It’s a way to make people know that what is your business all about. 429 more words

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