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Calculus without limits 3

So you tried, or you didn’t, now here is the derivative of 1/sqr(x)


Differentiation Using Total Physical Response

Students enter schools with unique social, cultural, and linguistic histories and as teachers, it’s important to know your students, how they learn and be aware of their sociocultural backgrounds (AITSL, 2014) in order for them to be successful learners. 748 more words


George, to his teacher:

I have now integrated my preconceived ideas and the enlightenments engendered by yourself, but I still have trouble differentiating between “the limit of” and “the limits of”. 22 more words


Growth Mindset - An Application in the Arts

As both a student in my masters program and as a new teacher for my school, I have been encouraged to spend some time at the beginning of the school year instructing students about the definition and implications of a growth mindset. 1,502 more words


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Every year around this time schools across the country buzz with excitement and activity. 462 more words