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The lyre and the lambs ... A review

Sydney Avey’s sequel to The Sheepwalker’s Daughter masterfully walks the reader through the winding path of relationships, faith, and discovery. Set in the sixties, tradition clashes with modernity in one neighborhood. 495 more words


How to Live an Impactful Life

Today, I gave my leftover cake to a homeless woman in Buenos Aires.

She was perched against the wall of my building looking frazzled and worn down, completely surrounded by her life belongings. 693 more words


Bike trip to Friedberg

After I picked up the start number for the Half marathon, I decided to bike to Friedberg, a village outside of Augsburg to see how it looked like. 138 more words



A couple weeks ago Max and I went for an afternoon walk. I noticed the dark clouds gathering in the distance, but thought if we went immediately we could make it. 378 more words

I (am in) LOVE (with) YOU

Until recently, I haven’t got much time to process novels and articles claiming that there’s a difference between “I love you” and “I am in love with you”. 487 more words


"What We Attach Ourselves to When We are Most Afraid"

Emma typed that she wanted to write – “How about a story about what we attach ourselves to when we are most afraid.” 

“In no particular place that anyone has ever heard of, there lived a girl who was friendly and loved to laugh.  

87 more words

Mystery Planter

Early this spring, I tried germinating a lot of various flower seeds, to spruce the deck up a bit.

Well, it took longer than I thought, and my lack of labeling only worked to ensure that I completely forgot what everything was. 53 more words