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September 1st, Monday

This place (work) really is giving me the pip.

I think yesterday might not have been the best day to be trying to declutter – it always raises my anxiety levels and the thoughts of going to work also raises them – so last night I was ready to pop. 712 more words


My Diary

I walked June to town just before the dinner bell rang, each of us were encased in a sloughed snake skin (I had found these on a trip to Spectacles Mountain in search of a four breasted woman). 112 more words


A Much Earlier Weekly Diary


I got out of bed the imaginary garden side (with luxurious perfume and layers of bird song) and then dressed as a mandrill – which is quite normal for a summer morning. 502 more words


Read My Lips - Lip Reading Challenge

“What’s that noise?”, I asked my mum as we were walking into town. To which she replied with a surprised “It’s the birds”. It must have been strange for her to have to tell a 7 year old what birds sounded like, never having realised that it was new to me as I had only just gotten my hearing aids. 647 more words


The Beginning


So I’ve recently been writing blog posts for a blog that discusses all manner of things relating to being deaf. I received some great responses from my articles so I decided to create my own safe place in which I can talk bollocks basically. 252 more words


140901 Life

Cuộc đời Tôi,
Sống cho Tôi
Chẳng mượn đến người phán xét.

Họ chỉ chỏ, nhìn Tôi bằng ánh mắt “khinh bỉ”, nói này nói nọ,.. 204 more words


Fun weekend!

This weekend was crazzzzyyyy!!
On Friday my best friend Stephy got engaged so we partied all night!! Needless to say my paleo/primal diet was non existent this weekend. 256 more words