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August 30, 2014

Well another day has come and gone and I have yet to make much significant progress on packing up the house. My move is imminent and I have until the 11th of this month to get gone from here. 141 more words


Being a Bookworm over being a Senior student

Our Intramural meet this year was the worse than I could ever imagine. I thought, my last year was gonna be fun but then the Intramurals ended with me doing nothing except reading and sleeping at our classroom. 196 more words


Diary 29th August 2014

Well I had plans made to meet Brendan O’ F. Lovely to see him. Initially we were to meet Daniel. The last time I saw him was at… 272 more words


Saturday 30.08.14

Woke up late this morning and didn’t get to the farm as early as we wanted but we had a great day with the horses, we found them both lying down in the field once we coaxed then up and got them up to the farm we washed there legs and gave them a good groom, Lynne and Heather rode Skye and I rode Jack, and they where so good, jack was so good considering he has not been ridden in weeks, got home late afternoon and spent some time in the garden cutting the grass and tiding the garden, cooked dinner and then Cameron and I played on the xbox till lynne finished work spent the rest of the evening with the family playing racing games on the xbox and drinking cider and eating snacks

Every Day Stuff

My Diary

I had to shop in town (June had gone to an army parade ground during the time of conscription and met a line of men – machine guns hidden in the arms of their armchairs). 110 more words


Cuối tháng Tám

Anh: Chị H có comment bên em kìa? Không thấy huh? Lêu lêu miss comment kìa. Comment cuối cùng đó.

Em: Miss thật. Người yêu thành manager của Tẻn rồi. 28 more words


Been a busy week

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been having some major problems with my darn sinuses. Heck it’s been going on for a darn month! 114 more words