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September 1, 1924

Mon., 1  Mend stockings & help a little about the house. Ruth goes out to Ben’s and return when Tuttle goes to Bristol.

She often writes that someone goes and “return,” without the s on the end. 6 more words


#1- "The Creative Diaries"

Monday, 1 September 2014 

So it is official, I’m a senior student, 

and since I’m very happy with that I decide to write a diaries. Let me call it “The Creative Diaries”  & for an entire semester, 18 weeks, I will try my best to choose an interesting event, that would properly happened in my day and write about it. 99 more words

# Diaries

It's Been a While

It’s always been a while.

In fact, I will probably never be consistent or timely regarding any creative endeavor, whether it be painting, writing, or just doodling in a notebook. 93 more words


Love Letter to my Princess

My dearest sweetheart Hannia Jazzie,

September has arrived. It only means one thing for me. You’re turning a year older. For this year, it means your BIG ONE!!! 461 more words

Mommy Duties

Quote of the Day

“I will always be the virgin-prostitute,

the perverse angel.

the two-faced sinister,

and the saintly woman.”

- Anaïs Nin

Quote Of The Day

August 31, 1924

Sun., 31  Awake at 3 A.M. with my heart pounding. Dress after having breakfast in bed. Feeling faint and miserable. Do not have dinner but the doctor comes & I take his medicine the rest of the day & lie still. 16 more words


Jotted Histories - I'm doing a talk!

It has been a busy month, partly due to the time I’ve been spending with my old academic hat on, sandwiched between the pages of books and essays, chain-drinking tea and wrestling with powerpoint on my ancient Dell once again. 143 more words

Artwork From Journal To Exhibition