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Diablo for days

Well here I am actually writing a post again after a bit of a break. Hmm, not so much a break as a time where my brain was melting from a fever, absolute mush and focusing on anything whether that be writing or reading. 1,124 more words

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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS3) Review

Hours Invested: ****… I’ve lost count
Overall Progress: Level 70 Crusader, with 50 additional Paragon Levels
Stray Observation: Why even bother releasing a game reliant on patches, that won’t even be supported post-launch? 1,347 more words


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

You might have noticed that I had a countdown clock on the side of my website counting down the days until the release of Diablo 3:  Reaper of Souls:  Ultimate Evil Edition.   737 more words


Memory Bus Flash delivers vSAN Performance Acceleration

Software defined storage solutions like vSAN are gaining increased attention. But vSAN systems can only support one flash device. The challenge is one flash device may not be enough to handle all the I/O throughput from multiple applications. 481 more words


Lore sets the Score

Since Dungeons & Dragons first came out in 1974, LORE became a big part of every game. Knowledge about the origin of fictional worlds started to become important. 401 more words


What I'm Currently Playing #1: Not a MOBA but an ARPG

It has been a week since Path of Exile’s expansion, Forsaken Masters, has made its debut. I’ve played a lot of PoE this week (70 hours and counting!). 213 more words

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