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Great summer stuff

Life really is great!! Super cool stuff always happening everyday.

Everyday is an experience in adventure.  It is the emotional attachments we choose to have with each experience we have.   172 more words

Rainbow Of Life

Nina (Goran Hrubi on Flickr a.k.a Kizotina on DeviantArt)

No excuses for leaving this as one long post, and not putting the images together as a click-on gallery. For me they represent the greatest demonstration of a father’s love for his daughter that you can find on all the various online image-library sites. 65 more words

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Favourite Friday: find of the week: Oakentoons

I spent the last few days looking at Hobbit and LoTR related stuff on the Internet, and I just wanted to share some awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious art with you. 151 more words


Capturing the sun

Too bad the sun can’t really be caught in any way.. but at least with photography it’s possible to capture it in a certain view and freeze it to look at it again later – long after the actual moment passed away. :)


I'm Back.

Somehow, I’ve been absent from blogging here for more than two months. -_-

Being in college was only part of the reason, but I may as well show you all some of the things I’ve done while I was gone. 23 more words


My DeviantArt account

I’m not really into sharing my online portfolio for a very trivial reason: I’m shy. But I decided I’d like to share my DeviantArt account which has my works since high school and was not updated since 2011 (HAHAHA). But oh well… Desaprecidos03