Tags » Despair


Falling down into…

 depths of despair
   oxygen depleting
     withering away, slowly
       no escape


The Bus Stop Part ii


A flash of red as it passes by

Not even aware of where I am


The sudden gush of wind rousing me from my daydream… 157 more words


Survival of the Wittiest*

As I run through this trap, left to wonder when the expanse of dense forestry will reach a close, the single idea left propelling itself through my mind, is how much time has actually passed. 155 more words

Day 131: To Forgive Is To Heal

Oh Lord, I pray to you
Give me the strength to let go.
Help me let go of all my hurt and pain!
Oh Lord, Help me, help me, let go of my woes and misery. 143 more words


A Brief History of the Future

The future doesn’t have to be a scary place. If you know what’s going to happen, the future can be your best friend ever. The shoeChucker Foundation For Humanity believes in your right to that foreknowledge. 580 more words


Bad habits

From when did I, in stead of looking up in a dictionary or try to guess the meaning of a new word, tend to click my tongue and let it go? 86 more words


Fate's Cruel Tendencies.

My life till now’s been a drag,
Nothing to speak for,
No such thing to brag.
Every day waking up to the same empty feeling, 69 more words