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So we made it home safely after our little road trip down south to meet up with Mom’s university classmates. There were fewer this year than last, but a few new faces as well. 371 more words


A five minute impersonal broadcast is repeated on 45 minute intervals by two detached voices, they talk briefly and sparingly about splintering wars and cracked lives in countries other than the one you’re in. 33 more words

Fear of Thunder and Other Loud Noises

You can help make sounds less scary to your dog

  • Firecrackers, thunder, and other loud, out-of-nowhere sounds often leave dogs frightened and wanting to flee to a safer place.

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A Classless Generation

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re living in a new era now. We’re seeing and experiencing things that we never could’ve imagined just 20 years ago. A sense of helplessness and despair is in the air. 471 more words

Wishing and Hoping

Did you know, only 15-20% of children ever naturally ‘grow out’ of nut allergies?

It’s a number that sticks with my husband and I. And with Sienna’s numbers getting higher at each allergy test, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever be one to outgrow her peanut allergy. 230 more words

Allergy Testing

Happiness - A Trip to the Dollar Store

So far, I’ve been writing my blog in chronological order. I like it when things are in order. It makes me happy. However, sometimes a totally blog-worthy story presents itself and rules have to be broken. 1,411 more words