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The Blind Leading The Blind

One fall back when I was younger than I am currently, I had the great privilege of being one of a select group of visually impaired students who got to go on an all expenses paid trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  305 more words


The Drive To Drive Me

Because sometimes well intentioned friends can be too helpful.

This happens to me all the time, so speaking of a particular instance would be no different than any other.  189 more words


Prom And Circumstance

It was a warm (but not too warm) June day.  I had just graduated from high school and the afternoon was reserved for getting ready for the prom.  361 more words


Sound of One Eye Clapping, Day Two

You never know what you have lost until you no longer have it.

Fortunately, I hope to have the vision back in my right eye eventually, but this eye being patched up while it is healing has been, pardon the expression, eye-opening. 168 more words


Fifteen Steps Then A Sheer Drop

It was a sunny summer afternoon.  I was spending it at my cousin’s place as my family and his were having one of our typical get-togethers.  331 more words


DVD Menu Debacle

It was a fresh August  evening in the rural town which I currently call home.  I had finished everything I had planned to do for the day and was getting ready to relax for a while.  142 more words


The Floor Comes At You Fast

It was a dull Tuesday afternoon.  I was off school for a week because I was at a week long program at APSEA back when they still did those, I’m not entirely sure why they stopped those now, but that’s getting off track.  238 more words