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Why does my husband even like me?

Another bad decision under my belt….

Me: 0

Life: 3,467

I know soldiers

I haven’t written in a while.. the babies esishh my hands are occupied. Why don’t we get paid? I am starting a petition..

Anyway, I want to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful friends for the recent support and messages of love and encouragement I have received since my last post. 1,361 more words

Che Cazzo Luna ~ This Fucking Moon

Lei ha chiesto per le stelle
Non oh potuto gestire era la luna
È andato via deluso
Il mio tentativo, sconfitta
Anche il mare, ritirandosi… 43 more words

Poet In The Woods

If Only I Knew How to Breathe

If only I knew
How to truly draw breath
To drink in the world
Unbound, by the curse of fear

While passersby
Glide on, masterfully… 45 more words


I have no inspirational doodles for today.


I still feel really depressed. I’ve thought about ending so many times in the last few days. I should be happy I’ve fixed most of my issues. 211 more words

Bad Times

Here's the part where I relapse...

It’s me again. Surrounded by tissues, crying 6 times a day, keeping myself confined to walls created by my blankets. I went back to school, and we were acting like a couple. 383 more words

Broken Heart