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Higher learning.

A running list of pioneers in education among my kin.

Cain D. Sauls, Tuskegee Institute?

Henry E. Hagans, Howard University, prep.; Shaw University, BA 1890. 259 more words

Paternal Kin

Your Study Space...It Matters

As a dental student you will be spending quite a bit of time with your books, your notes and your computer. It’s like a bad relationship that you don’t want to be in but it’s out of your control because if you gave up then your life will go downhill….like down in the valley. 320 more words

Dental Students

Outside the box: Ortho Bands

We live and we learn, story of my lifeeeee..especially yesterday.

So..the “short” preface goes like this: one of my patients received a root canal on a molar prior to being assigned to me. 440 more words

Dental Students

Clinical Skills: Describing periodontitis to your patients

The other day in clinic I challenged one of the clinical skill assessments that we have to do and even though we get perio pretty much drilled into our head at our school, I was pretty nervous about making sure I can explain periodontitis in a way that the patient will understand….yenno, throwing out words like “attachment loss,” “probing depths,” and “mobility” mean nothing unless there is a prior knowledge base to go from. 261 more words

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Custom Fitted; fabricating custom trays

So you mean I take an impression just to be able to make a tray to take another impression?! The first thought in my head last year in prosth. 375 more words

Dental School

ASDA Mouthing Off post - I guess I'm a real blogger now!

In the craziness of the last couple of weeks, I forgot to update all my pre-dental / dental student readers out there that my article I wrote for the American Student Dental Association’s blog, Mouthing Off, was published recently.  74 more words


Interview #1: nerve-racking or...fun??

The long awaited step that has been the one part of the application process I’ve always felt the least prepared for has officially started: I’ve got one dental school interview behind me! 1,048 more words