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I am probably watching TV right now

I got an email from a gentlemen boasting labor data that even the Bureau of Labor Statistics hasn’t published yet!

Retale, a tool that helps you scour advertisements for deals in your area, has produced a cool infograph on what Americans are doing right now. 93 more words


‘Shaping the Bottom Line’ – Is Population the Destiny?

Sri Lanka is currently characterized by a large youth population and a growing older population. This presents a fascinating phenomenon, because the nation will soon have to observe what it has achieved so far, what the returns on investments are and what needs to be done in the future, calling for major macroeconomic adjustments. 269 more words


Ageing populations mapped out

Japan has the largest ageing population in the world, with more than 54 000 centenarians celebrating their birthdays last year. About a quarter of its 127 million people are already aged 65 or over and that is expected to swell to about 40% by the middle of the century. 30 more words


Graying World - There will be 13 'super-aged' nations by 2020

The world is graying at a break-neck pace and that’s bad news for the global economy.

By 2020, 13 countries will be “super-aged” — with more than 20% of the population over 65 — according to a report by Moody’s Investor Service. 966 more words

A Closer Look

The future belongs to those who show up for it

Although the strictly Orthodox sector is growing rapidly, it is still too small by itself to account for the large size of Israeli Jewish families. There is also evidence that fertility rates correlate not just with religious intensity but also with nationalism.

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