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Rick Santorum and the Democratic Party - Strange Bedfellows



What do establishment Democrats and neocon Republicans have in common?  They are both powerful, incompetent, and think they speak for America!  As Rand Paul has wisely advocated a very consistent defense based foreign policy, the establishments of the left and right are blasting Paul for “blaming America”.  471 more words


Alabama Democratic Congressional Candidate: Republicans in Congress are 'Worse Than ISIL'

Meet the Other New Democrat Todd Akin 

The greatest country on earth is being bullied from within. Actions of Republicans in congress are worse than…

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Do The Democrats and Climate Activists Want Civilization To Collapse?

What better way is there to destroy civilization except by forcing massively wasteful use of materials and fossil fuel energy required to produce, use and dispose of highly inefficient Renewables like Wind and Solar?  306 more words

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The Average African-American Family is Poorer than the Average Family in India

‘So Far, the LBJ Plan Seems to be Working Perfectly’

Everywhere it has been tried, the Democrats’ dependency agenda has been a social and economic catastrophe for black Americans — and a full-employment program for Democratic apparatchiks. 546 more words

The New Year

It is only September 2 and it feels like a new year is beginning. As one who just before going to bed closes the windows, locks the doors, and puts out the lights, yesterday there was a closure process and a mass exodus from the New Jersey shore. 639 more words


Obama calls for a higher minimum wage - He launched the 2014 campaign season on Labor Day saying, 'America deserves a raise' September 2, 2014 1:08AM ET

President Barack Obama renewed his push for Congress to raise the minimum wage Monday in a buoyant accounting of the economy’s “revving” performance, delivered on behalf of Democrats opening their fall campaigns for the midterm congressional elections. 476 more words

Democratic Party

Republicans ... say one thing and continute to do another on the floor of Congress

just another rant …

The 113th Congress went on vacation, with fewer days worked than the people they seem to keep voting against …some Republicans call lazy… 510 more words

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