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Radio 4 gives Gramsci a (reasonably) fair hearing

It’s not often that the bourgeois media gives an anti-Stalinist communist leader and thinker a fair hearing – or, at least, allows that person’s thought and record to be presented in a balanced and objective manner. 180 more words

Jim D

Philanthropy’s Role in a Healthy Democracy

Maggie Osborn
President, Connecticut Council for Philanthropy

This blog post is created from my remarks for Connecticut Nonprofit Association’s Nonprofit Advantage Magazine.

In the study of early American society, there must be an immediate recognition of the conflicting corner stones of our psyche: fierce independence and individuality, and voluntary commitment to the common good and collective action. 914 more words


The Abundance Consciousness vs

a scarcity consciousness. In other words, Income Equality vs. Income Inequality. My monies on Income Equality. Give yourself credit for helping millions of Americans gain access to quality healthcare. 57 more words

Income Equality

Russell’s Revolution: Inspiring or Dangerous?

Last year when Russel Brand declared the need for a “peaceful” revolution I wrote a piece stating how his idealistic view of such an event was more dangerous than inspiring. 556 more words


Democracy - Detail #4

Detail of a painting by Werner Horvath.


Rogue investigations

It’s happening again, this time with the alleged overpricing of cakes and parking building of the Makati City Local Government Unit.

What rules do the Blue Ribbon Subcommittee follow when conducting investigations? 2,413 more words

If i have to choose an example to explain about DEMOCRACY, then i’ll consider it as an END STAGE of MALIGNANCY (KANKER GANAS STADIUM AKHIR). Can you treat that kind of disease from ‘its inside body’ ?!
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