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Apple Pie Protein Fritters

As it is becoming a little autumnal outside here in London I have decided to embrace my favourite homely dessert, apple pie! I know I am not the only one who loves a freshly baked slice of apple pie with custard, but I know for sure that it is not a ‘clean’ dessert by any means! 168 more words


I just made heaven in a mason jar <3 <3

SO this is how it all started. I was browsing through some of my favorite clean eating blogs, namely The gracious pantry and The fluffy corner. 370 more words


Caramel Slice is Very Nice

After almost 11 months my brother is back from living in South America! Yay!

I thought this called for a celebration.

I’ve been wanting to try out a clean caramel slice for ages- so thought this was a pretty good time to whip out the recipe I’d been eyeing off. 52 more words



Every time I travel I expect to eat or drink at least one thing that blows me away, changes my whole food paradign, and/or becomes forever associated with that place or experience. 1,519 more words

Food &amp; Drink

Sooo delicious!!!!


Dinner is always a success when I can get at least three of our five kids enjoying the meal that I have prepared. This is not always an easy feat having a diverse group of children. 477 more words

Doggie Popsicles

So my little girl, Rory, loves ice cubes. She goes nuts anytime she hears the ice maker. So I decided to try some homemade dog popsicles. 195 more words