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Andy Burns on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Deleted Scenes

Of all the big summer releases, the one that actually let me down was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After coming off what I felt was a successful reboot, full of great action and wonderful chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the second instalment sadly just seemed to revel in getting things wrong. 431 more words


'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Reveals Another Deleted Scene

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crammed a lot into a very small space. But there was almost a lot more of it, as deleted scenes like this show. 158 more words


Gif Of Deleted Scene For The Fault In Our Stars

Get your tissues ready, because the tears aren’t over. Looks like teasers of deleted scenes for The Fault in Our Stars are popping up and they make us feel just as much as the movie did. 14 more words

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'The Walking Dead' Invented A New Sex Act In This Season 4 Deleted Scene

The Walking Dead should only be uncensored endings and deleted scenes. We already showed you the original cut of season four’s final line, and now, … 96 more words


'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Throws Its Mighty Deleted Scenes At Us

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was quite a good action flick, but one of my complaints was that Black Widow didn’t really have a lot of reason to be around. 194 more words


Deleted Scenes - why I don't save 'em

Drafted darlings. Lovable lines. Captivating chapters.
Every writer has them, and every writer often has to delete them.
Many save them.
Here’s why I don’t.
564 more words

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What's Your Opinion on Deleted Scenes?

The recent release of Twin Peaks on blu-ray has excited die-hard David Lynch fans to not only see the nightmarish and bizarre northwestern town for the first time in high definition but for a new version of  201 more words