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You might think writing 10,000 articles per day would be impossible. But not for a Swede named Sverker Johansson. He created a computer program that has written a total of 2.7 million articles, making Johansson the most prolific author, by far, on the “internet’s encyclopedia.” His contributions account for 8.5 percent of the articles on Wikipedia, the Wall Street Journal reports. 190 more words

Modern Civilization

The "Like" Button - An ethical and theological problem

Ah words; they both mean so little, and so much. Simultaneously. At the same time.

I am writing here because of the serious philosophical problem of our generation: “Like”. 843 more words

Everyone is real

“Maybe someday you’ll be a real person,” they say, and call it hope.
You are a real person. No matter how many times they say you aren’t. 115 more words


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An algorithm schedules and manages the nightly engineering work on one of the world’s best subway systems – and does it more efficiently than any human could. 54 more words

Modern Civilization

Twitter campaigns necessary but probably insufficient.

There’s a “Hands up/ Don’t shoot” Friday campaign going on over at Twitter. It’s a nice gesture, no pun intended. But I can’t help thinking about how much more powerful the message would be if we could get ordinary Americans, not just the social media savvy and political activist types, out on the sidewalks banging pots together. 750 more words


Old people do not use Internet. And that is a good thing!!!

Thanks to a decade of programs geared toward giving people access to the necessary technology, by 2013 some 85% of Americans were surfing the World Wide Web. 207 more words


The First Step In Not Being An Ostrich? Stop Dehumanizing Black Children (#Ferguson)

The following is a press release by the American Psychological Association from February:

Black boys as young as 10 may not be viewed in the same light of childhood innocence as their white peers, but are instead more likely to be mistaken as older, be perceived as guilty and face police violence if accused of a crime, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. 832 more words