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This weekend… this little boy is going to be baptized/dedicated.

This means we are committing to raise him and guide him into his own relationship with God and support him as he follows his own path, standing by his side.  196 more words


Winners and Quiters

“You don’t need talent, you need a passion for practice!”

“Winners have a plan, Quiters have an excuse”

I saw these two quotes on my Sifu’s… 1,403 more words

Wing Chun

The Circle Interchange Is Getting A New Name!

The Circle Interchange is where the Dan Ryan, Kennedy and Eisenhower Expressways all meet.

But, soon, you’ll need to call it by a new name! 48 more words


Band Together

If everyone truly had an opinion, how would solution be formed? If we all acted on impulse, devotion would have no meaning. If no one had standards, how would we stand? 72 more words


The Genesis

It all started at www.hotornot.com when, out of curiosity, you just need people to boost your self esteem. I was a long shot but there was really nothing that kept me occupied. 468 more words

James Green

An Ode to Long Distance

I am trying something different this week. I have been so stressed lately that I everything I have been thinking has come out in poems. I sat down and tried desperately to write something for this blog, but nothing has been working. 304 more words