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Is It Possible to Succeed in an Over-Saturated Industry?

The Internet makes it easy to see just how many businesses are vying to compete in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. At times, it seems there’s a business or product for just about any want or need. 565 more words


Thank Goodness It's Tuesday....9/2/14

Thank Goodness It’s Tuesday!

I hope you had a fun yet restful day yesterday as we celebrated Labor Day.  As I was thinking back this morning on Labor Day in general, i ended up on the topic of instant gratification.   296 more words


Writings - "Masters of Action"

Just watching a basketball game, with all the excitement pumping through my veins each time the players get all fired up in the zone, or just watching both tennis players exchange relentless rallies together, worthy of my viewing pleasure, makes me wonder how much intensity our bodies could emanate – I mean, it is absolutely spectacular how all sports (in whatever form) possess such force. 444 more words


 Now it came to pass in the days of Ahasuerus, (this is Ahasuerus which reigned, from India even unto Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces:) 526 more words

Bible Studies

Leg day

Working on my legs and booty today!!what do I do?? SQUATS, SQUATS and…you’ve guessed it…more SQUATS!!
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Dedications to my Island.

Warning: This post may contain strong notions of nostalgia and love for the Mediterranean life.

Dear Cyprus,

It’s been one month since we climbed on a plane and flew away from you. 655 more words

Appreciation For Islands

Staying the course

You don’t have to be breaking records to be making progress; sometimes not giving up is as much as you can hope for.

When the reasons to throw in the towel are mounting, and others are falling by the wayside, every inch of forward progress is an achievement.  22 more words