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Kicking the Hornet's Nest and Standing Up for Myself: PC and Worthwhile Stories

If the thing I’m aiming to one day accomplish and make a living with — telling worthwhile stories — is threatened, then I will speak up. 907 more words


Zeitgeist should be iced since it's lies can't suffice

Throughout history, those who oppose God, his word, and his people have tried all kinds of tactics to rid the world of worshiping him. One of the main tactics is to cast aspersions about who God is and what he has accomplished. 409 more words


Don't Be Fooled Christ Is Lord: Chapter Nine




“Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say?” Luke 6:46


This is literally the root of all our problems as professing Christ followers. 2,257 more words


The Confidence Game

The Confidence Game 

 Having inward spies means making use of officials of the enemy to find out the state of affairs in the enemy’s country, ascertain the plans that are being formed against you, and disturb the harmony and create a breach between the sovereign and his ministers  128 more words



Our MP Neil Carmichael appeared on tv today talking about home education. In his constituency there are three times as many families home-educating their children as there are in the nearby city of Bristol. 581 more words


Have Bible; Empowered, Will Travel

After seeking the Lord, especially over the weekend, I feel Christ through His Spirit leading me to humbly make myself available to share and learn in other fellowships, both home and building based. 81 more words