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One-page dungeon: Tomb of the Mantis Khan

Here’s a mini-dungeon I made for the inside of a birthday card. One of my objectives with this adventure was to present undead monsters that might not be immediately identified as such by the players. 86 more words


[class] Wildmage for D&D 3.5e

Thought I should throw in this one, it’s from the archives. I’ve always had a thing for the wildmage. Since I couldn’t find one that suited me, either in sourcebooks or on the web, I went ahead and created my own, maybe some 10 years ago. 2,328 more words


Tamaki, Kagura, and the Monster Part 3/3

This labor day, I was able to get several things done. I took the review photos for Eren and Mikasa, broke down some clothing into fabric, and prepped a DD tank top for sewing. 561 more words


The Dungeon Hobby Shop Ads (1976, 1979)

From The Dragon #3 (top) and #22. You can see a photo of the model dungeon adventure that “lights up!!!” right here.


The Rulers of the Fair Realm

The countries of Grethadnis are ruled over by dozens of notable royal lineages, many on the brink of war or actively preparing for battle!

Check out… 39 more words

MIke Myler

WE REVIEW IT ALL: Exercise- Insanity workouts

How would I describe the Insanity workouts to an overweight person who constantly shovels donuts and ding-dongs into their mouthe]s?  Well, you know that impending pain in your chest that will happen when you have a massive heart attack?   376 more words


So it's All Come Down to This... Redbrands, Skeletons and Barmaids

Adam has started playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends in London. Here is his account of their first epic (drunken) journey.

Continuing our epic adventure where we left off, following a level up at the end of the last dungeon, we finally arrived at the town of Phandalin, our goal for dropping off the cart and oxen (our original mission, still not really our priority) and essentially a quest hub. 1,174 more words