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DB2 - List All Tables and Describe Tables

Connect to the database:
db2 connect to <database-name>

List all tables:
db2 list tables for all

To list all tables in selected schema, use:
db2 list tables for schema <schema-name> 16 more words


MySQL - List All Tables and Describe Tables

Connect to the database:

mysql [-u username] [-h hostname] database-name

To list all databases, in the MySQL prompt type:
show databases

Then choose the right database: 23 more words


Show tables in Oracle

Connect to the database:
sqlplus username/password@database-name

To list all tables owned by the current user, type:
select tablespace_name, table_name from user_tables;

To list all tables in a database: 57 more words


Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Kof, Köf

Over on Facetube at Railways of the World (New window) we’ve been discussing German kleinlokomotiven which are almost universally known to non-Germans as Kofs (to rhyme with cough). 1,152 more words


Hierarchical table sorting with a parent-child relationship

This code snippet works beautifully. Just replace the table/field names like so: 

  • AccountID with ID of your child record
  • name with name of your child record…
  • 102 more words

DB화된 족보 열람하기

  족보란 단어를 처음 떠올린다면 처음 드시는 생각은 아마 시험자료로 떠 올리실 것입니다. 그만큼 시험에 쓰이는 족보라는 용어로 많이 사용이 되었는데요. 이번에 다룰 주제는 한국족보입니다. 족보는 고려부터 용어를 처음 사용이 되었고, 조선시대 중기 15세기에 인정이 되었습니다.