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Because sometimes I feel like.. <//3

I may joke around or laugh aloud, I may smile and show my dimples to you but don’t get fooled because I am crying on the inside. 233 more words



I love long, silent, afternoon walks with my dog; time to clear my head, commune with nature, and daydream about all the possibilities…

Introvert Life

Instant Bombardment

I’m standing at a bus stop disengaged. Headphones block the birds and commuters and cars. My eyes are scanning for something. They stop on a fire hydrant. 176 more words


Cloak of Invisibility

There is only so much you can hide from, only so many films you can watch through your fingers, and only so many times you can put your big toe down to see if its safe before taking a step. 252 more words

Books And Daydreams

Daydream Believer - Part 2

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I can’t help but wonder if being perpetually stuck across two realities has hindered me in so called ‘real life’, the most obvious affected areas being my education, the daily grind of work, and the handling of interpersonal relationships. 818 more words