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I feel spring coming!

Today is the first day that I have confidently felt the beginnings of Spring coming and boy does it feel good! I’ve got the windows to the house wide open letting in the warm air, I’ve got the sheets on the line knowing I won’t have to worry about finishing their drying in the clothes dryer. 256 more words

How did I not know this?!

So a few months ago Dylan came home from work for lunch with this weird look on his face. He didn’t really say hi to any of us, just went straight to the third drawer in the kitchen and pulled out the Glad Wrap/Bake roll. 206 more words

Day To Day Thoughts

This time last year.

Sitting through a FREEZING winter at the moment has got me thinking about what we were doing just last year. We had recently gotten back from a family trip from Italy where the weather was perfect! 413 more words


Have you ever noticed....?

For all those parents/caregivers out there who have had to sit through hours of The Wiggles┬áDVDs (I’m not complaining here, I actually really really enjoy watching them), have you ever noticed that Anthony (Blue Wiggle) hardly ever wears shoes!? 150 more words