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Answered prayer, bold stroke of fate
for love’s tender arms I wait
in disrepair I wait.
Chess 9/1/14

Day By Day

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Cópias de dias.

Em que o importante é ser eu própria.

Ter força interior para enfrentar a jornada.

Day By Day

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Da forte.

Há coisas que não precisam de cola. Mesmo.


Bom dia!

Day By Day

What will I drink if I can't drink alcohol?

One of the things that I worried about, before I stopped drinking, is what on earth I would drink if I didn’t drink alcohol. It’s a common query; all the sober communities I know of have this question as a recurring topic, and we trade tips about sparkling elderflower cordial and dry ginger ale. 554 more words


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Bom dia!

Que a minha dor de cabeça apanhe um autocarro para bem longe!!!

Day By Day