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Debt, war and slavery

While there is a burgeoning literature on business cycles – periodic episodes of booms and bust, work on debt cycles has largely remained in oblivion. In his magnum opus, Debt: The first 5000 years, David Graeber introduces the concept of debt cycles, which he also claims to be his greatest discovery. 1,350 more words


Thinking Like a Renegade

“What cannot be destroyed can, nonetheless, be diverted, frozen, transformed, and gradually deprived of its substance – which in the case of States is ultimately their capacity to inspire terror.” David Graeber, Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology, 63.

David Graeber

It's only now...

It’s only now, at the very moment when it’s becoming clear that current arrangements are not viable, that we suddenly have hit the wall in terms of our collective imagination – Debt, the first 5000 years, David Graeber… 61 more words



STRIKE! magazine is one of the more exciting new magazines in the country.

For sheer commitment, raw edge, and attitude, it stands out from the vast crowd. 171 more words


Last night after attending the private view of BEYOND FAIRYTALES at the Hardy Tree Gallery, I took my girlfriend Julie and my friend David to see Yeats’ flat at Woburn Buildings. 865 more words

Communism as a moral principle

Those of us who have read or are interested in the history of economic thought identify communism as the last and the most advanced stage in the evolution of societies. 972 more words