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Woman With Alzheimer's Remembers Daughter

Kelly Gunderson’s mother is 87 and has Alzheimer’s. But that didn’t stop her from suddenly recognizing and remembering her daughter.

Mom:  “Isn’t it wonderful?”
Kelly:  “Yes, it is.” 11 more words

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Jesus Walking on Water and Other Stories of Bedtime!



Photo by clarita on Morgue File.

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that my daughters have a ritual when it comes to bedtime. First and foremost for them is usually stalling! 1,045 more words

Grace In The Everyday

the gut

Motherhood, it’s hard. For those of us stuck on metrics of success, milestones are just not enough. Yeah! My kid can use a cup! Yeah! My kid can pee in a potty! 569 more words


September 1, 2014

Big day with family today…and youngest daughter turned 27 – that is a sobering thought.  And if that’s not enough, grandchild number 9 will be born tomorrow – will be child of said 27-year-old daughter :) 23 more words

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Gone But Not Forgetten

If the girls just moved into their dorms this weekend, why are the closets in my house still full?!

Leaving The Nest - All About The Chicks


Who’s this guy Walter White? This Wojtanik guy came ready to leave it all on the table. The age-old fable, tales that Dad taught me. The carpenter and apprentice building a bond in the home we remodeled. 432 more words

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On Piercing Children's Ears

In the past few days, a topic cropped up on a social media parenting group I am part of: parent’s piercing their children’s ears. Most comments on the thread pertained to a similar sentiment; it is wrong. 1,669 more words