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Lipstick Stains

Sitting here; lipstick stains smeared on napkins

Wondering if I’ll ever be enough

Pretty Enough

Thick Enough

Sexy Enough

Lipstick stains smeared on the rims of coffee cups… 122 more words


Like a sonic blast..

It happens every time it seems. I’m happy in my life and the way it’s headed I’m content waiting it out for my dream man and BOOM like a sonic blast, the return of the exes. 430 more words


An open letter to all single ladies

Hey beautiful,

I may sound crazy if I tell you that being single beats being in a relationship any day, but it does, not every time, but almost always. 202 more words


Do you like scary movies?

So here’s something that should come as no surprise: I am a huge nerd. I took it to a whole new level this past weekend when I went to Fan Expo — and dressed up. 922 more words