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5 Reasons To Visit Riders Cafe (Reviews)

Our initial plan was to have some outdoor fun, but Mr F. was right about the rain. Our alternative plan was to just hang out. We then drove to the… 514 more words


How to break a date in Greenland

If anyone ever breaks a date with you during the summertime (or just because it’s plain great weather), there’s a simple answer. It’s because they don’t like you! 432 more words


Dates - How to Enjoy the Popular Dried Fruit

As you drive around Al Ain and the United Arab Emirates, you see many date palms. You all know what dates are but did you know that they are actually good for you? 299 more words

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My friend T sent me a gif search website and I’ve spent the past hour looking for the perfect one to sum up how I feel about this date. 242 more words

Toronto Online Dating


Biscuit and slice recipes that don’t require creaming the butter and sugar are always among my favourites. They are that much easier to make and usually use less bowls which equals less washing up, always a good thing. 35 more words

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Unfortunately, the soul-yanking scheduled for sometime after midnight tonight (technically tomorrow morning) has been postponed until Friday due to my mom not going to be asleep when both Loki and I thought she was going to be (she said she’s not working tomorrow).   113 more words