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I have two words for you: DATA MINING

I’m pretty sure one of the top 10 things I hear from advisors is, “None of my clients use this social media stuff.”  And…I’m pretty sure they are wrong.   470 more words

Data Mining

Machine Learning, A Look in the Past

Before the Big Data become popular, there were at the back of Web 1.0 the machine learning of the past which utilizes Market Basket Analysis. These are very dominant in advanced e-commerce stores and online shops. 383 more words


A new way to track your data: with your permission and for a fee

Personal data obviously has great value, or else the US government, Facebook, and Google wouldn’t be collecting it. But just how valuable is it? A handful of companies are trying to answer that question—and promise to share some of that value with those whose data is tracked. 433 more words

KDD 2014 in New York. Highlights.

I have just came back from KDD 2014, 20th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in New York City, Times Square. It was an amazing 4-day event, jointly organized with Bloomberg LP on August 24-27. 1,855 more words

Big Data

Finding buried treasure in shifting sand

The problem of keeping up with scientic literature is not new. In 1986, information scientist, Don R. Swanson, published an article about mining the wealth of knowledge buried in academic literature. 403 more words


Becoming a Data Scientist

Most probably most of you are looking into becoming a data scientist or e-scientist.   With the advent of technological advancement the way we manage data is now digital, we use computers and large storage systems to store the data that we have.  510 more words

Data Analysis