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1370 較 contrast

This isn’t the greatest story by itself, but visually I think it does the job…

RTK link here.

Lesson 34

The Beast

While I was running yesterday morning, I realized how much of life is lived mindlessly while we wait for whatever it is we happen to be waiting for. 541 more words


An Illness Odyssey: The Best use of Sick Days in my Life

I rarely take sick days. Even when I worked in positions with copious amounts of compensation, I have always viewed sick days as a last resort. 1,341 more words

Weekly Posts

Star Wars Episode 7: Why Star Wars matters so much to its fans

For those who are not followers of everything Star Wars you may well be asking, why does Star Wars – a 1977 sci-fi film essentially made for children – enjoy such a passionate and fervent following? 731 more words


Star Wars Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader by Bandai

Bandai Japan will be releasing Darth Vader, Samurai Style sometime in December this year. Known as the Star Wars Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader,  the 7 inch figure features a light saber, interchangeable hands, as well as 50 points articulation. 15 more words


My Special Boy

I treated Mr PinQ to this today:


It genuinely was the last of its kind, I went on the store’s website and it quite clearly says that they have sold out. 16 more words

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