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Macro Photography : Bright Shining Anemone by MacroUniverse

I saw this not completly open anemone and i had to make a shot, it’s another one of my anemone close up set, hope you will like it :) Have a nice day :)


Aurora Borealis at Glacier NP

Tuesday evening was my last night at Glacier and it was spectacular. I decided to go back to the visitors center that evening to learn more about the heavens, then I thought I’d drive to another location to try to get the Milky Way again. 112 more words

Some, Other

Some days, she woke with so much light and energy inside of her it beamed from her skin and transferred to others. They felt brighter, more alive in her presence. 51 more words


Unwrapping Gifts in the Dust

The dust is finally settling on summer. So much flurry has surrounded this season; it’s enough to make a person shake their head and wonder. But as the dust settles, I exult in what has been going on in the flurry. 93 more words

3 Books In Progress; Stars Plotted For My Life's Work,

Three books soon to be made: “The Eternal; Book of Life” and “Ethos Syndicate; Book of Star” and “Divinity; The Trilogy of Three worlds” will be released at about the same time. 778 more words


Isolated Self.

Shattered feelings,
Sharp devices,
Left alone to my own demise
And the black ocean starts to rise.
It seems that things have not changed
While these emotions haven’t increased in range. 61 more words