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Dark energy and love.

Yesterday evening I was reading about the form of the visible universe in my new backyard astronomy book. The WideEyedSpouse was doing something involving dinner while I sat at the awesome vintage kitchen table. 373 more words


The Dark Mysteries of Dark Matter...

Good morning! Luckily I have had my breakfast already so you shouldn’t be hearing about food no more, but my lust for physics and Star Wars hasn’t died down yet, so here we go again! 1,349 more words


Spectrum Cosmetics Nail Polishes

A couple of weeks ago I went on a random shopping spree through Etsy. It was completely haphazard and very, “Oh, that looks pretty!” and “That sounds like an interesting smell!” I walked away with a new soap, a new perfume and two new nail polishes from… 785 more words

General Relativity and Gravitational Lensing: Part 2 - Dark Matter

Previously we discussed Arthur Eddington and his expedition to measure the gravitational lensing effects of the Sun during a solar eclipse. The results were in agreement with Einstein’s predictions from General Relativity, which catapulted Einstein into the public eye and established General Relativity as the fundamental explanation of gravity in terms of the curvature of space and time. 2,328 more words


Dark Matter Evidence: Galactic Rotation Curves

Continuing my discussion of dark matter, I will now explain another piece of evidence supporting its existence: galactic rotation curves.

How rotation curves work is easily understood using basic Newtonian gravitation and assuming spherical symmetry. 449 more words