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Phillips Phunny: Country Hip Hop Dancing

It’s cowboy hip hop y’all!

Let’s go back to the early 1990s when this tutorial on a new hybrid of line dances and hip hop was relatively current. 8 more words


Women Dancing

Women Dancing

Imagine a world where women are dancing.
Ebony feet stomping on the arid, hot sand,
Wind blowing silt into their lungs and noses. 268 more words

Musings And Thoughts

Dusting off the Cobwebs

It has been far too long since I have blogged here.  

I have been writing though, and I have been writing with just as much dedication as I used to show this blog.   276 more words

Seldom does anything bad come from dancing

Every so often my characters surprise me with their wisdom. I’ll be writing away, happily trying to convey some occurrence crucial to my plot, and one of them will interrupt the action with a remark that causes me to pause and wonder where that came from.



Y1: Favorite Posts

Trees Performing in a Divine Ballet

The trees wave back and forth,

Dancing in the breeze,

Leaves and branches bend and sway,

The giants moving, standing with ease


Barked arms are lightly tossed, 79 more words


     Where do I even begin? Where can I start when something as large as a solar system is passing through my heart? It’s what happens when two galaxies collide and I’m that one piece caught in the cosmic train wreck but it’s so goddamn beautiful that I want it to take all of me. 878 more words