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Ive seen many people sporting Flash tattoos, they’re great for outdoor concerts such as Coachella and Osheaga. Flash Tattoos are non-permenent tattoos.  They come in different sets but each set is sent with 3 different pages of tattoos. 126 more words



hi… my name is Rukus, an’ i’m a 5-6 month old Collie mix an’ I came in with Snoopy.  i’m a really sweet guy, an’ love spending time with humans cuz they pet me an’ love on me an’ give me treats!   521 more words


Collecting taxes at South Dakota's summer events

Collecting taxes at South Dakota s summer events South Dakota is home to some huge tourist events this weekend, from the Sioux Empire Fair in the East to the Sturgis Motorcycle raMore Cyclist cited for running intersection, hitting car A young boy was taken to the hospital and cited after driving through an intersection and hitting a car. 94 more words

[Winter Soldier AU] -- Chapter Two

The conversation with Eames back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters hadn’t exactly been what Dakota had expected. Though honestly, he wasn’t sure what he had been expecting. 1,858 more words

[Winter Soldier AU] -- Chapter One

Running was a habit that Dakota had gained within the past few months in which he had been established at at S.H.I.E.L.D. .It was the only thing that he could do that helped him clear his mind and not keep thinking about the things that haunted him every single second of the day. 1,440 more words

Just keep Rolling

Life in the stall at the fair was always a simple life. Basically all Dakota did was lay there in the middle of all the other Potato, being a potato. 400 more words


Hey humans, what’s doin?  My name is Snoopy and I’m a Shar Pei mix, and I’m ’bout a year old.  I ended up here ‘cuz some nice woman found me and my roomie, Rukus, runnin’ ’round as strays, and she kept us ’til they had room for us here.   440 more words