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Wing Studies 2

More wing sketches! In the first one (above) I’ve tried to transfer the pose of the topmost swan in this photo to a pegasus. Of course, I could only guess the exact bone positions, but I think they make sense. 48 more words

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Wing Studies

As you can see, I’m trying to figure out how to draw wings. Sadly, there are no real pegasi to study, so I’m looking at the next best thing: birds. 104 more words

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Wing Practice

I still need to practice how to draw wings and ideally find some kind of systematic approach.

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Curled Up Rarity

It’s late, I wanted to draw Rarity, and ponies sleeping curled up are cute, right? =^-^=

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From Dusk to Night

“Behold! The Princess brings the night!”

I’ve been developing this concept over quite a while, as you can see from some older posts, from newest to oldest: 134 more words

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Ancient Messenger

This is a kind of chibi-like version of my previous sketch of Derpy as an ancient Roman messenger, which was inspired by Foal Papers.

Fun fact: the concept of a pegasus acting as a mailpony dates to Cicero: …

19 more words
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Chibi Dashie

We’re having a cold and rainy summer, it would be nice if a capable weather pony could help us out! Anyway, I just felt like drawing a chibi pony, it’s… 8 more words

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