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Use Your Post- Workout High to Your Advantage

One thing that I feel hella good about these days is the health food craze ravaging (with green juice and kale overflowing) the country.  Expensive? Yes.   498 more words

Daily Adventures

The beach through a disposable

I know that it seems like I totally abandoned my disposable project as the summer progressed but I promise I didn’t. I took cameras to SoCal and got some amazing shots while at the beach. 134 more words

Daily Adventures

Welcome Home, Again?

My grandfather is being extremely nice to me. Did someone tell him I was on edge? Did someone tell him I was suicidal?…

Now And Again

Back to School: Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year again when summer has come and gone and everyone is back to school. Going back to school can be a stressful time for many students but here are some tips and tricks to ease your mind and have a great semester.¬† 444 more words

Daily Adventures

Squirrel Spotting

Ducky and Ted decided to go squirrel spotting while visiting relatives in the United States. Ducky hadn’t realized Ted had never seen a squirrel in person, because there are no squirrels in Israel. 19 more words


Burger King: NOT my way!!

Adventure 2…

This story is worth sharing because it’s laughable, the laugh from your belly laughable (at least I think so)…
My son had his friend over the other day. 788 more words


Adventure 1: Curtain Fail!

Adventure #1: Curtain Fail!!! (Average Decorating Skills)

So…apparently my husband has a thing against curtains, taupe curtains especially. Keep in mind that we are currently renovating our bedroom. 368 more words

Daily Adventures