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North Cyprus - TRNC News Today 1st September 2014 - Siber: Solution made by leaders on paper, peace made by people's hearts

TRNC News Today 1st September 2014

Speaker of TRNC Assembly Siber: “We should remember that a solution is made by the leaders on paper however peace is made by the people in their hearts” 416 more words

North Cyprus

Dedications to my Island.

Warning: This post may contain strong notions of nostalgia and love for the Mediterranean life.

Dear Cyprus,

It’s been one month since we climbed on a plane and flew away from you. 655 more words

Appreciation For Islands

Programme advertising rates for Spare Ribs


Programme advert sizes and rates

All adverts are reproduced in full colour

Advert Size Dimensions Price Notes Full page 355 more words

US Has Highest Corporate Tax Rates In World Leading To Tax Inversion and "Cyprus Sandwiches"

The USA has the highest statutory corporate tax rates in the world, followed by Japan, France and Belgium. This partially explains the merger of America’s Burger King, with Tim Horton’s of Canada. 320 more words


Greetings from Cyprus!

So I’m spending a month in Cyprus at the art college in Lempa, a teeny little village just east of Paphos. I’m renting a studio space and a dorm room and taking this opportunity to work on my art with no distractions. 33 more words

Totally Chill....all the time.

Greece and Cyprus
Hercules and Nico

Uhm… I’m not sure how to go about explaining either of these two. Greece couldn’t pay me enough to really write anything proper. 218 more words

Shattered Pangea