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"Why so serious?"

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you want from life? Everyone wants to be successful, become rich and fade into happily ever after, right? 386 more words


Cynical Guy Dad Dialogues (part 2)

Cynical guy dad: hey kid. Is the long face really necessary?

Kid (crying): I just got my GPA and it is too low for me to get into my dream college. 13 more words

what's with today today?

I have always been a somewhat cynical person. That is not to say that I’m not empathetic (I often cry when I see others crying) or a generally positive human being (I try to not be a Debbie Downer) but … I have a hard time not immediately seeing the down side or ulterior motive for many things. 559 more words

Future Cynicism

If anyone ever comes after you,

If I suddenly lose you and somehow

Defeat the apathy long enough to move on,


I will laugh in your successor’s face… 72 more words


Read the small print

Ice bucket challenge. All for charity, right? Nope – originally it was created to get out of donating to ALS, a bloody awful disease that deserves every penny it raises for research and support for people with this awful disease. 168 more words


The Empty Void: Discouragement

Sharable notes for the August 24, 2014 message. You can tweet and post these notes on your social platform! 267 more words

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