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Is It Safe for You to Use the Cloud After Celebrity Hack?

News of a hacker breaking into Apple iCloud accounts to steal photos of dozens of female celebrities has rocked the tech world, where Apple’s security measures had been thought by many to be rock-solid. 320 more words

Russian Cyber Mafia

Although, this post’s title may sound similar to the Swedish House Mafia, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with music. As a matter of fact, while someone’s fingers were playing the digital music of destruction, the other side was at the very edge of its tears and complete desperation. 170 more words

How To Steal An Entire Country?

Well, it is not that hard, as you may think it is. Ask Kim, he is only 24 years old, but he was able to steal personal data of 27 million South Koreans. 202 more words

Denial of Service Attacks on the Rise

These days, you don’t have to be a an evil genius of a hacker to bring down a website. In fact, the recent cyber-attack on Sony’s Playstation Network is a good example of this. 200 more words


Mapping the World's Cyber-Attacks

Today, I have come across a very interesting website. The site, called the Digital Attack Map, maps¬†distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks worldwide. It offers a visual representation of the world’s top 2% of cyber attacks, tracking the country of origin, the target country, the type of attack, and many other¬†features of these attacks. 167 more words


IT Security Act requires companies to pay out

Due to the increasing digitalisation of industry, the economy and all areas of life, the German federal government sees a need for action. The IT security situation in Germany is “tense” with a rise in the number of cyber attacks. 345 more words


Hi World

It’s time to get serious about CyberSecurity! This blog will go over current threats and issues facing the cyber realm. I’m Nicholas who is currently in the field of Cyber Operations for the United States Military. 45 more words

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