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Cutty Sark (7)

The Cutty Sark was built for speed and nowhere do you get a better feeling of this than when looking at her in profile. The new display arrangement by which the ship is suspended enables you to get a real idea of how the keel would cut through the water. 89 more words


Cutty Sark (6): Cargo Hold

The Cutty Sark was designed to carry the maximum load of cargo. This was one of the reasons why the cabins were all at deck level. 94 more words


Greenwich Royal Observatory

Our first trip during our stay in London took us to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

After a two hours’s ride with the London Tube -our hotel was near Heathrow airport – we were eager to stretch our legs and ready for our first adventure. 575 more words


Cutty Sark Vandalism..

How to know you are in a ‘posh’ part of London.. the vandalism looks like this.

Oh ‘Cutty Sark Gangsters’ .. you did make me laugh that Wednesday morning.


Cutty Sark – A Whisky like no other

Cutty Sark is the epitome of adventure and created especially for individuals who dare to discover. It was created in 1923 by a group of adventurous friends who dared to break the whisky tradition. 444 more words

Day 5 London: Finally. Westminster.

After a huge day of adventure, we slept late and began day 5 with a walk to Westminster Cathedral, stopping along the way at Pret a Manger, a chain take-away shop. 937 more words

Cutty Sark (5):Officers Cabins

The officer’s of the Cutty Sark were housed in a set of cabins located around the mess room.

The Master (equivalent of the captain) had his own cabin, whilst the Mates had to share. 34 more words