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Bonus with Great Customer Service

Scott JND:

I get a good amount of cashback from my everyday purchases and getting gift cards to various places on my birthday isn’t bad either! 74 more words


#Blog - Amazon customer service. You're doing it right!

A user uploaded a chat transcript onto Reddit showing a chat he had with Amazon customer service about an order he had placed but not received. 12 more words


When Machines Ruled the World

How many times have you heard – “The system won’t let me” or “It’s not configured to handle..”. I have heard it numerous times including in my own workplace. 904 more words


    I get a lot of questions from readers about photography. Today it was about using titles to sell images. We know a lot about selling but not everything. 175 more words



First, let me state I support both organizations.  You may see links to them (along with other fine organizations) on this blog.

Frankly, I’ve not had the time (okay, the inclination) to study this issue in depth.  88 more words


Service Saturday: Brakes - What Kind Do You Have and How To Take Care Of Them

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, what good is it to be able to go if you can’t stop!  Either going  on a long road trip or on a short drive to the store, if you can’t stop it won’t be a good trip. 406 more words

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When is it Acceptable to Skimp on a Tip? And How Bad is the Skimping?

I am a tolerant person.

Ok, somewhere across town, my wife, mother, and sister are currently laughing hysterically and they’re not sure why. So let me clarify: I am a tolerant person… 890 more words