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Themes in Chinese culture

While working on AP Chinese curriculum, we came across a really great example of how to build both language and cultural proficiency by spiraling on a set of themes. 285 more words


All About Reading: Prep

Since we’ll be using AAR for the next few years, I knew I wanted to make sure that the letter/word cards would last. On their own, they’re a thick paper and good quality, but I know how things look after my boys get to them! 248 more words


Evolution to be taught in primary schools

The British Humanist Association (BHA) have run a campaign with two goals; they announced yesterday that their aims have been achieved. The first was that no state–funded school should teach creationism or intelligent design as scientific theories and the second was for evolution to be included in the National Curriculum for 10 and 11 year olds. 631 more words


Day 72. Long Term Thinking

Increasingly much of business and business teaching is focused on short-term measures of value often at the expense of long-term thinking that can create stronger and more sustainable organizations. 146 more words


Making The Kids Employable!

I have checked the BBC App on my mobile today while travelling in a bus. I got struck at a post by them. It is all about a big leap by UK Government to make their pupils employable. 562 more words


Lesson Trailer for September 7

Most Sundays, our Elementary kids watch a short “movie trailer” featuring the next week’s story. This Sunday, September 7th, kids will hear three incredible Bible stories: Baalam and his Donkey (Numbers 22-24), Elijah and the Widow’s Oil (1 Kings 17-:7-16, and Daniel Interprets the King’s Dream (Daniel 2).


Differentiation for High Ability and Gifted Learners

AOS 98 Training

We will be providing training to interested staff (limited number of seats) with Patti Drapeau on differentiation for high ability and gifted learners.   30 more words

AOS 98