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Ferguson: A Summary From a St. Louisan

Warning: I do editorialize at the end of this post. If you’re not prepared to read an opinion that may differ from your own, I’d avoid this particular post. 1,406 more words


A Fork In the Road: Weapons Cease, Diplomacy Takes Aim

At the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, I made a prediction that, on paper, now looks wrong. I predicted that Hamas was in free-fall and preparing to meet its end. 669 more words

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New Who Review 2

Keeping it light, no spoilers. I don’t care much for Clara; I’m not a fan of slappy people, and I wouldn’t want to drink with someone who browbeats me with their politics within moments of meeting. 56 more words

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Amazon Buys Twitch

Amazon spent almost a billion dollars to buy Twitch, an online site for streaming gaming videos. Everyone expected Google to buy it a few months before, but for some unknown reason Amazon decided to buy it. 15 more words

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Pakistan it's Time to be a Realist

“This was inevitable and I am afraid this is just the starting!” – Danial Ahmed

These words recently messaged to me were the words I did not want to hear. 442 more words


Fetus gives thumbs up

No need to preach about this.  Does anyone see the hypocrisy of this?

Baby gives thumbs up during ultrasound

A photo shared to Reddit by an excited father shows an even more excited baby giving a thumbs up during a sonogram at an 18-week checkup. 135 more words

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