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The Climate Action Network (CAN) has issued a position paper calling for immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a complete end to fossil fuel use—to be replaced by “sustainable energy available to all” –by 2050. 693 more words

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One More Night in Lincoln

Life is strange. I am sitting at a bus station in Burlington, Iowa. I have been here before, despite never planning on it. It’s a cute little town. 803 more words

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railroads, highways, and stories of self

These stories that we tell about ourselves, they’re almost like our infrastructure, like railroads or highways. We can build them almost any way we want to, but once they’re in place, this whole inner landscape grows around them.

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Where are the Black DREAMERS ? Vol 48

If you find yourself looking more and more at the obits, you must be a Boomer !

Occasionally, we fight amounst ourselves. Like any family, clan, or tribe, its up to leadership to eventually wade in, institute a stop to the argument, and find an equitable solution. 857 more words

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Let's use our common sense..."Militarization of local police?"

In the wake of the violent clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill has announced she will head a Senate hearing investigation into the “militarization of local police departments.” Police in the St. 659 more words