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A Book By Any Other Name

Years ago, I learned that a distant relative wrote her autobiography, Saturday’s Child. I was intrigued and had to read the book, right now. At the time, I was single and childless with a fair amount of discretionary income. 335 more words


Islamic Caliphate

As I have studied the origins of Islam over the decades, what has become clear to me is that Muhammad was a warlord. His converts allied with him because he promised them booty. 425 more words


Fuck It! I'm Starting A Cult!

I’ve finally had it I think.

After years of listening to every moron out there from shitty, failed science fiction writers, to reclusive, Nike-obsessed millionaires ramble on about their visions and prophecies, I’ve finally reached my breaking point. 221 more words


Friday Film Review: Heavy Metal

Oi.  What to say about Heavy Metal.  First off, I watched this because of its cult status.  I understand why it has a cult status, I just don’t understand the movie.   588 more words


Pastor is very concerned about “the spy in our midst”. The person reporting to the world what is going on behind the curtain in Calvary Temple. 161 more words


The Sermon On Squirrels

The Sermon On Squirrels
Mr. Binger

“I remember the year after Wisconsin became a permanent Republican stronghold. America’s Dairyland had always been a conservative state. “It’s full of cheap Swiss,” expatriate citizens often say. 818 more words

Matthew Sawyer

Review: Jug Face (2013)

Jug Face is a low-budget indie horror movie, but that doesn’t mean that it is automatically not worth as much as any other movie. I can say without doubt that I’ve seen films by big studios that were way worse than this one. 324 more words