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Putin's Revenge: Radioactive Boar Army Breeding in Chernobyl Wasteland, Feckless Obama Refuses Airstrikes

About a month ago, TRUTHMISSLES.com was the only “news” outlet (I only put “news” in quotes because I’m legally obligated to by a liberal, activist judge’s ruling, which I AM APPEALING) that reported on an… 524 more words


Roasted Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes have to be my favorite vegetable and roasting them has to be the easiest way to cook them! I love roasting vegetables because it really brings out the great natural flavors of veggies with minimal seasoning. 227 more words


Discovering Canada's Wine (and Spirits) Country

It may not have the year-round sunshine of California, but Canada has a proud local wine industry. Despite the nation’s chilly reputation, the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia enjoys warm summers and nurtures almost 10,000 acres of vineyards. 960 more words


Easy Chickpeasy Curry - Chickpea Tomato and Spinach

Birmingham is hailed as the curry capital of Britain. I love a good curry and since going vegetarian (I’m still in my first year) curries have been a life saver when it comes to packing up protein. 705 more words


chorizo and sweet pepper fondue

This recipe is great for busy people as it is done in 15 minutes and is really good . Off course this recipe can be vegetarian if you replace the chorizo by chickpeas . 100 more words


Marzipan and Maple Petit Fours

Wow. These literally took me half a day to make, but they were a lot of fun, especially making all the fondant decorations. Not for the faint of heart, but very pretty in the end, and if you like marzipan, delicious too!


Brazilian Black Beans - aka Feijoada

Feijoada is one of the most popular dishes in Brazil. It’s a classic and we love it!

Feijoada is a stew made of black beans, beef and pork. 365 more words