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Press Release: ETALK Kicks Off New Season with Canada’s Most-Watched Coverage of The Toronto International Film Festival®, Beginning September 2 on CTV

TORONTO (August 29, 2014) – Just as Hollywood’s elite make their way to the 39th annual Toronto International Film Festival®(Sept. 4-14), Canada’s most-watched and most-trusted entertainment show,  488 more words


7 Questions with Alex Nussbaum

by Ryan Meehan

Alex Nussbaum has been nominated as Best Male Comedian at the Canadian Comedy Awards and was chosen as Best Comedy Show of the Year in Toronto’s NOW Magazine. 1,122 more words

Quit Yankin' My Chain Eh?

Canadian TV viewers, pay attention! Ask why your national news has been concealing the facts from you. Incompetence, or pathological lying; you decide.

Pay attention! Pay attention! 68 more words

And Now, To Extinguish One of the Sources of Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalism.

Poroshenko’s failure is due to sending fresh conscripts to die. Minimal training. Zero combat experience. Also, zero news coverage on the salaries owed to the deceased conscripts’ families. 163 more words

2 New Developments: IMF's Lagarde Under Investigation and Canada Posturing

“We have seen Russian provocations in the Arctic for decades, so there is nothing new under the sun,” said Baird, when questioned about the incidents. “We call once again upon the countries of the Arctic Council to sit down and solve problems constructively.” 31 more words

9 Year Old Girl Kills Instructor with Uzi

A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her shooting instructor at an Arizona range with an Israeli-made Uzi submachine gun when the weapon’s strong recoil caused her to lose control of her aim, police said on Tuesday. 91 more words

Separation Anxiety? Burger King to Merge with Tim Hortons

It’s a common anxiety disorder observed in dogs when house owners leave for extended periods. It stems from an extreme form of insecurity where the dog feels abandoned and betrayed, and it lashes out to vent its frustration. 141 more words